Marketing a service business like a power washing business in 2020 can be a challenge. 

The online landscape is constantly changing and new marketing programs and online services are constantly coming out – making it even more difficult to figure out which marketing ideas are best for pressure washing services to attract new customers. 

I’m putting together this guide so you know which marketing ideas and platforms are still generating new customers for power washing services right now.  

Out With The Old? Well, Not Completely.

Some of the old marketing methods and ideas can still contribute to getting new customers – but none of these are slam-dunks in today’s online world. 

Some of these traditional marketing ideas include: 

  • have a nice vehicle with professional graphics
  • well-designed brochures
  • put up fliers around town
  • use yard signs
  • mail postcards
  • Distribute door hangers to your customer’s neighbors

Your Business’s Online Presence Matters Now More Than Ever

46% of all Google searches are looking for local info.*1

92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results. *2

Online searches that use the words “near me” or “close by” grew by more than 900% over two years. *3

New Online Marketing Activities Are Needed in 2020

Google is constantly changing the appearance of search results. They’re also always shuffling around which businesses rank highly on the first page. 

To maximize your online visibility, here are the most important steps RIGHT NOW for your power washing business to show up at the top of search results.

Google My Business is essential for local services

Claim and Optimize Your Google My Business

If you look up power washing services in your area on Google, what do you see? 

Chances are you’ll be presented with local results on what’s known as the map pack (some call it the local pack). 

If you haven’t yet set up your Google My Business profile, its free and pretty easy to do, and you can’t get on the map pack without it. 

Already on Google My Business? 

Great! BUT, just claiming your listing isn’t enough anymore. 

Here’s what else you need to do with Google My Business:

  • Add as many relevant business categories as are appropriate for your business
  • Add services and sub-services that you provide related to your power washing business
  • Add products (service offerings can be products – more about that below)   
  • Post weekly (updates, offers, and events are different post types you can publish)
  • Add new photos at least once or twice a month

Keep up with maintaining your profile throughout the seasons. It’ll make your profile look more fresh to prospective customers, but Google also likes to see that fresh content in determining which business to post at the top.

The Search Engines Unlocked training course from Service Marketing School has an in-depth guide for getting the most out of your GMB listing.

Boost Your Online Reputation

You probably provide a great service and have loads of happy power washing clients, right? 

But, how would a prospective new customer know that? 

You need to constantly attract new testimonials and tout those 5 star ratings everywhere you promote your business. 

Prospective customers absolutely consider a business review profile when considering if they should do business with your company or not. 

Here’s the common perception as your customer scan online reviews: 

  • A business with zero reviews is too unknown. 
  • A business with too few reviews may not be experienced enough. 
  • A business with heaps of positive reviews that look authentic can generally be trusted. 

If you don’t have any (or you have very few) online reviews – that’s your first order of business as it relates to online reputation.

Get in the habit of asking for reviews. There are a lot of ways you can ask and receive reviews from your power washing business customers, but making it a habit of asking is the first step. 

Come up with a simple, memorable, and repeatable script to ask. 

Rehearse it. And ask it with every customer.. 

I’d recommend something like, “Online reviews mean a lot to small businesses like mine. If I send you an email with instructions, would you mind leaving me a review on (google, facebook, or wherever you’re collecting reviews)? 

In my experience, only about 5%-10% of people will actually follow through with the testimonial ask. The more you ask, the more reviews you’ll get. 

The most important places to get reviews are: 

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Your website (yes, you can post handwritten, emailed, or video testimonials on your website)
  4. Other niche or directory sites like Homeadvisor, NextDoor, BBB, Yelp and others  

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Update Your Website

As I’ve worked with power washing businesses like yours, thin or weak website content is often the biggest driver to low visibility on search results and low traffic. 

The feedback I provide most often is to build out comprehensive service pages – a separate page for each type of service you provide. 

Keep in mind when people search for a service on Google, they will usually also search for the location. 

Search examples: 

  • power washing service Richmond, VA 
  • power washing company near me
  • Best power washing company Richmond, VA
  • Affordable power washing service in Richmond, VA

Write your service pages so that each page aligns with the way people search for your service.

Photos Sell Better Than Words, but Words Get You Found (on Google)

I see so many service businesses pumping photos into social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but their website has only a page or two of content about their services. 

DON’T DO THIS. Take photos with your website in mind. Create content for your website first, then share those photos, articles, and stories on social media.

Put more time and energy into describing your services on your website: 

  • what you do
  • how you do it 
  • why you do it
  • where you do it 
  • why you’re good at
  • why people should trust you 

Your website needs to be the hub for your business online and all other activity you do online needs to point back to your website. 

Written content is the biggest driver for organic search traffic. If you want more customers from Google, you can’t skimp out on this.

Use the work you do everyday to create additional website content over time. 

Take photos of your jobs – focusing on unique aspects of the job, before-and-after transformations, challenging tasks, uses of new products or tools, and highlight everything you’re proud of. 

You can add photos and brief descriptions to your service pages, or you could create articles (aka, blogs) that showcase the job. 

Articles are a powerful way to add very specific local content to your website. Project highlights make great articles. Just think how the article title, “ _________ power washing business Service in LOCATION NAME” would appear on Google! 

Share Your Power Washing Content *Everywhere*

If you’re going to spend time producing content (and you absolutely should), then give that content a boost by posting it everywhere you’ve started to cultivate an audience. This includes all of your social media profiles – including LinkedIn. 

I already mentioned above that you should routinely post new photos to your Google My Business profile. 

PRO TIP: Avoid just posting to your projects to Instagram or Facebook without also creating a project summary on your website. Facebook and Instagram content has limited shelf life, while your website can readily be found by prospective customers in the future. Project summaries can provide rich content that describes YOUR SPECIFIC SERVICE in A SPECIFIC LOCATION – which aligns nicely with the way people actually search for things on Facebook.

Your website should be the hub of all of your online business activity, everything you publish on your website also should get distributed to your social channels. Wherever appropriate, anything you post on your business social channels should link back to content on your website. 

Now can you see how you start to weave an interconnected web of content that’s all related to your business?  And, everything you create is set up to drive people back to your website. 


Featured image credit: 380 Power Wash on Facebook

*1 GoGulf

*2 SEO Expert

*3 Chat Meter